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Vision & Mission Statement and Values

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To provide preeminent and collaborative services to the Judicial Entities we serve.

Mission Statement

The mission of the AOC HR Division is to provide the New Mexico Judicial Branch effective, engaging and innovative leadership, direction, guidance and services fostering a culture of high performance, respect and excellence to retain a talented and diverse workforce in order to maximize the state’s ability to better serve the citizens of New Mexico.

Values Statement

The AOC Human Resources Division is committed to:

  1. The highest ethical and professional standards
  2. Dedicated focus on excellence in customer service
  3. Committed to fostering a collaborate and dynamic working relationship with our customers
  4. Aspire to be the model of excellence and leadership in human resources
  5. Encourage collaborative problem-solving techniques to promote new ideas and innovation
  6. A diverse and inclusive workforce
  7. A workforce trained to fulfill its potential
  8. Using technology to promote efficiencies
  9. Creative and collaborative problem solving
  10. Open communication and constructive dialogue
  11. Cultivating a philosophy of work/life balance