Employee Discipline

As an Employee

A classified employee who has completed their probationary period and holds a perm or term position may file a complaint under the New Mexico Judicial Branch Personnel Rules Part I Section 13.0 for an alleged violation of the NMJB Personnel Rules. A complaint cannot be filed to request a review of a performance evaluation, any disciplinary action (oral or written reprimand,demotion, suspension without pay, just cause, termination), or Grievance Board Decision.

For the complaint process please see Section 13 of the NMJB Personnel Rules Part I.

If you are an employee please contact your court’s Human Resources Professional or ADA Coordinator or you may speak to AOC HRD.

As a Private Citizen

Complaints regarding the conduct of a New Mexico Judicial Branch employee or complaints relating to policies and procedures used in the New Mexico courts should be directed to the local Court Executive Officer or Administrative Authority.  

Against a Judge

Complaints regarding the conduct of a New Mexico District or Magistrate Court Judge  should be directed to the Chief Judge of that Court (unless they are the Chief Judge), or they may be directed to the NM Judicial Standards Commission.