The AOC HR Division provides a variety of human resource management services for approximately 2,000 judicial employees.

The Division provides services and information to all employees in the areas of policy development, payroll administration, benefits administration, classification and compensation, central recruiting, training and development, workforce planning and records maintenance.

The AOC HR Division provides employees with a comprehensive, coordinated human resource management support system that facilitates Judicial Branch goals and provides both management and employees with a human resource system based upon integrity and sound management principles.

The AOC HR Division recruits, hires, and provides technical assistance to managers regarding personnel issues. The AOC HR Division helps managers interpret rules and regulations and provides them with HR support and direction. To minimize disruptions in the workplace and restore the work environment to full productivity, the AOC HR Division facilitates the adjudication of employee grievances and disciplinary actions.

The Division also provides supervisors with technical assistance regarding employee relations. The AOC HR Division coordinates and facilitates judiciary-wide classification studies and reviews reclassification requests for individual positions.

The HR Division calculates, tracks, prepares and disburses payroll for AOC staff including pre/post payroll audits. The Division provides necessary personnel services and employee benefits cost projections for the Judicial Branch.

Contact Information

202 E. Marcy Street
Santa Fe NM 87501
Email: aochrd-grp@nmcourts.gov
Phone:  (505) 470-7205
Fax:  (505) 479-2641